6 reasons why #teenagers should #start a #business now

Start-ups are very much hype at the moment. Success stories of small companies being bought up by the GAFA or consorts are played in loop on TV. It is no wonder then that such stories get people thinking “could I make something like this?” Usually such process starts with an idea. Then it grows into … Continue reading 6 reasons why #teenagers should #start a #business now


7 #skills #teenagers will learn by starting their own #smallbusiness

For some time I have been trying to figure out how best to help my teenagers prepare for entering the workplace. So far, I have relied on the school system to teach them sciences, languages and many other interesting topics. I grew up in France and went to school there. My children started school in … Continue reading 7 #skills #teenagers will learn by starting their own #smallbusiness

10 things #parents should do to build #enterprising #teenagers

A few weeks ago, I turned to several groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to get some advice. I wanted to know how to help my teenagers become more enterprising. I was curious to check whether I was the only person wondering about that. I was also eager to discover what support exists out there for … Continue reading 10 things #parents should do to build #enterprising #teenagers

Strategies to react to #stress and build a #resilient #mind-set

Following up on the previous post (How to build a #resilient #mind-set) these are the 6 strategies to react to stressful situations. First, one needs to become aware of the Mind Traps: - Exaggerating the negative and discounting the positive: positive experiences are downplayed or not acknowledged while negative details are magnified. This contributes to anxious and … Continue reading Strategies to react to #stress and build a #resilient #mind-set

How to build #resilient #mindset

Great training today about building a resilient mindset! If any of the symptoms above sounds familiar, let me know and i can share the 6 strategies we have discussed to address these! Read more on this topic: Strategies to react to stress and build a resilient mindset

How to become #smarter?

I am always skeptical when i come across any article with such title "7 daily habits that will make you smarter"... but this one is slightly different and has brought up a new angle which I want to try out and I want to share it as well... The full article can be found here. … Continue reading How to become #smarter?

How to find the best #advisors for your #startup?

Amy Chang former head of Google Analytics and founder of data-driven networking startup Accompany spent years building her network methodically, and has now the best Board of Directors and Advisory Board any startup would dream of. This article published on firstround.com goes through her technics to identify the right persons to ask for help for … Continue reading How to find the best #advisors for your #startup?

Benefits of making #startup #board meetings formal early

Starting formalizing board meetings (and accompanying processes like reports, checking on the big picture, board homework, investor letter, etc..) early is the easiest way for your startup to stay focus. Do it, even if it seems silly at first... Great advice and interesting experience sharing via @theskimm about setting the right practices from the start … Continue reading Benefits of making #startup #board meetings formal early

How #firms can foster a culture of #innovation?

Interesting article by Anna Devine (source: Ignites Europe) on strategies that Asset Management firms (and other financial firms) should follow to foster a better innovation culture (tip: hiring "innovative" people is not enough!). This is particularly critical at a time when the industry needs to decide whether it wants to address clients directly through digital sales channels. Key learning points: Having the … Continue reading How #firms can foster a culture of #innovation?

How to increase your charisma?

This is a summary of the short talk given by Olivia Fox Cabane, Chief Charisma Coach, at the Future of the Workforce event 2016. As a keynote speaker and executive coach to the leadership of Fortune 500 companies, Olivia helps people become more persuasive, influential, and inspiring. From a base of thorough behavioral science, she … Continue reading How to increase your charisma?