10 things #parents should do to build #enterprising #teenagers

A few weeks ago, I turned to several groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to get some advice. I wanted to know how to help my teenagers become more enterprising. I was curious to check whether I was the only person wondering about that. I was also eager to discover what support exists out there for reaching such objective.

To my greatest pleasure this question sparked some decent interest. My posts in various groups generated an average of 6 replies and many likes. This was not guaranteed at first sight, given the topic! I was also pleased people took the time to post detailed answers and to share very personal stories. This shows how much passionate people are on this subject!

Being a curious person, I decided to follow up personally with those who posted a reply or liked the thread. I had numerous phone calls and exchanges of emails. This has allowed me to build up more knowledge. I decided to recap my findings in a post and to share them further with other parents who want to help their children or teenagers become more enterprising. Full post is here.

Key findings:

  1. Consider doing this as early as you can
  2. It starts with games and by setting everyday good habits
  3. Develop your kid’s creativity and observation sense
  4. Books and resources are readily available on the internet… but you need to explain them to your teenagers
  5. Kids and teenagers love doing things, put them in real situations so they can learn by doing
  6. Question their motivation and help them find their true passion
  7. You can use external providers that are offering an entrepreneurial initiation
  8. Some coaches offer career training and development workshops
  9. Different education systems can play a role in developing an innovative mind
  10. What entrepreneurs, VC specialists and CEOs say on this

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