My journey as a #startup #founder – step 11 – @founding

Step 11 – growing our community

We need you, to grow our audience, so please help us with the 3 actions below!

We are now live on Facebook

Check us out, like and share, we need to get visibility, so we can test our concept with a wider audience!

I want to like Biz4Teens Facebook page!

There is still time to register for our workshop

We are looking for interested parents and teenagers to join us for a 90 minutes free workshop on Wednesday 19 April from 5:30pm to 7pm.workshop 19apr2017 530pmYou can join in person in Zurich (hush. Weinbergstrasse 5, Zürich) or join by Skype if you are abroad! The meeting will be in English.

I want to register for the workshop on Wed 19 April 5:30pm

Highlight of the week: EDHEC StartupLab feed-back

On Saturday, we spent the day with the 29 students from EDHEC who have been working on our case for the past three weeks. They presented the conclusions of their analysis on the following topics:

  • client needs analysis
  • technology analysis
  • business model analysis
  • market analysis
  • competition analysis
  • pricing analysis
  • value chain analysis
  • valuation analysis

We have picked up the best slide of each presentation below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have received some valuable feed-back as they have confirmed most of our analysis, but also opened up new directions that we will be exploring in the coming days.

They also made some very interesting suggestions with ideas like partnering up with associations, licensing the technology for other uses, exploring a cash-back business model, extending the client segment to 21-year old to target students, teaming up with myfuture (app focused on career orientation), developing sponsored packs for schools, focusing on the assessment and instructions algorithms as key differentiators and capturing the client spending habits to offer money management advice.

To thank them for their hard work, we have decided to name the 29 first business ideas that we will offer on our platform after their own name, and if they want, we can also show their picture in the business idea short profile! This is our way to acknowledge the great contribution they have made to the development of our product!

We also would like to thank Cyril Demaria for offering us the opportunity to take part in this StartupLab EDHEC programme.

Other highlight of the week: Venture 2017 startup competition

On Wednesday we submitted our presentation for the Business Idea track and our 90sec video for the audience award (If our team is selected as a top five business idea, the audience award will give us extraordinary visibility: our short video portrait will be published on a dedicated Swiss Radio and Television (SRF) website, where the audience can vote for their favourite team!). The video was made by LAG Media Production – a young business powered by Biz4Teens! Fingers crossed!

We want to thank our 5 coaches, 5 among more than 150 successful entrepreneurs and managers from a variety of industry sectors, as well as investors and professors, who have supported us on a voluntary basis throughout the entire competition, through their active listening and advice, and have reviewed our submission at the last minute!

Thanks Rudy, Aino, Jean-Stéphane, Peter and Lutz for your dedication! It was a great honour to work with you on this project, and we would love to have you as mentors for our teens!

Growing our community

So as you can see, we are making great progress with our idea and now we need to get more traction! We are asking for your help to grow our network of friends!

So please think of who you can share this post to and make them happy by introducing them to us and our innovative solution! Thank you!

Stay tuned!


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