My journey as a #startup #founder – step 9 – @founding

Step 9 – what is your name…

Tuesday’s session was on naming and positioning our business.

This was perhaps the most emotional session since we started a month ago. Considering this business is a bit like our baby, giving it a name means a lot. Name is everything… to put it in the words of a founder who gave his view on naming “your name should convey the expertise, the value, the uniqueness of the product or service you have developed”. But such a target is hard to reach.

We received some precious advice, but perhaps the most valuable was the one below:

We also looked at positioning, and how to build a strong story behind the name. Again the advice from the mentors were very valuable

So, now it is time to and we now need to put them in practice. 

Making progress to the Mentor Idea Review

This is it… the moment is finally coming when the Mentors will hear the full pitch of our idea and will assess its viability, its potential traction and whether we have what it takes to bring the idea to market and make it a success.

Teams have been preparing their pitch and making sure the imagery is good, the text is good, the delivery is good with 2 mandatory rehearsal in groups to allow feed-back and improvement. The real pitch will take on Tuesday 4 April… fingers crossed.

Announcing our forthcoming  product validation workshop

The Mentor pitch will be the opportunity to announce our next move: a product validation workshop. We are looking for interested parents and teenagers to join us in person in Zurich (place to be confirmed) but also from other places through Skype conference for a couple of hours (date and time to be confirmed). 

The intention is to walk you through the prototype of our app, and validate with you the various stages from the login to the first instructions, as well as the teenager zone, the parent zone and their respective dashboards. This is an essential piece of the process and it will allow to test in “real” and friendly conditions the interest and attraction this app can produce.

So please, if you are interest contact me directly and I will put you on the list.

Until then, fingers crossed for Tuesday and stay tuned!  


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