My journey as a #startup #founder – step 10 – @founding

Step 10 – getting to know our customers better

Mentor Idea Review

Last Tuesday evening was the first real hurdle in our start-up accelerator programme with a 5min presentation of the Biz4Teens concept to the mentors. Mentors were asked to assess the novelty of the idea, how it solves a problem, its potential traction and its viability as a business.

The feed-back received from the mentors and the programme directors was encouraging and challenging at the same time!

Most found the idea extremely attractive, and valuable for teenagers as “school system is lacking reality and this app could help teenagers experience it” as one mentor mentioned.

A number of points were brought up that require our full attention, namely assessing the real depth of the need and whether parents and teenagers will want to engage and pay. We also need to consider the content creation mechanisms and how this can be scaled while keeping customisation possible.

Announcing our forthcoming product validation workshop

We are looking for interested parents and teenagers to join us for a 90 minutes workshop shortly after Easter, on Wednesday 19 April from 5:30pm to 7pm.

You will be able to join in person in Zurich (hush. Weinbergstrasse 5, Zürich) but also through Skype if you are abroad. Please use the link below to register.

Register now for the Validation Workshop on 19 April

The intention is to walk you through a prototype of the app, so both parents and teenagers can see what it does, how it works and whether they would consider subscribing. See you there!

Stay tuned!


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