My journey as a #startup #founder – step 3 – @founding

Step 3 – the Madlibs and my first customer interview

So, the day started early and I posted my Madlibs in the Slack Working Group to get feed-back from my peers.

For those who don’t know, MADLIBS is a great way to build the killer opening sentence of any pitch. Obviously the first sentence will be: “My name is Lionel and I am the founder of X” but then I will explain what X does (precise offering) for who (precise audience) to solve what problem with what secret sauce, for which benefit for the client, and if possible (yes, it’s starting to be a long opening sentence) according to what business model (a.k.a how does X make money).

It’s all explained here in this short video from Adeo Rossi, CEO and Founder of the Founder Institute. As always for those who do not want to watch the video… (even if it’s short?)

2017.03.08 Madlibs theory

And with an example, as its always easier with an example:

2017.03.08 Madlibs example

After that, a quick call with my co-founder (CTO) to check on how things are going and what is on his plate and then the normal day kicked in.

Next highlight was the first customer interview, who I caught on her mobile in a train to Bern after 6pm. Thanks to her for taking the time to answer my questions just before the weekend – we were lucky there were not many tunnels, so it went like a breeze and we navigated the 11 questions in less then 16min. There are many more interviews lined up for the week-end… its going to get fun! I am looking for insightful feed-back

I have now managed to get back on track with the assignments, and the admin work (rating the mentors, the directors, the peers… death by admin 🙂 !) and i have lined up the tasks for tomorrow and Sunday, so it seems under control. Tomorrow we will start with a fun assignment, a re-cut of the Hot Seat, but without the audience this time…

  1. Create a 60 second video: your reason to be an entrepreneur and your passion.
  2. Send the video through email to everyone in your Working Group and solicit at least one piece of feedback from each peer.

Stay tuned!



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