My journey as a #startup #founder – step 1 – @founding

Step 1 – getting to know each other and forming teams!

After waiting patiently for a couple of weeks, this day has finally come. Today is the first day of the Founder Institute programme.

It’s March 7th, I am starting this journey from a blank page…

2017.03.07 blank page

Well, sort of… because the idea has been with me for over two years… but I never managed to get this thing done, and my hope now is that the next 3.5 months will see the concretisation of this vision!

There will be lots of steps and hurdles to go through, thats for sure, but it promises to be an interesting journey. Have a look at the programme below.

Two massive crunch points with session 6 and session 10, where i will need to convince the mentors, so I am not kicked-out.

2017.03.07 curriculum

Over the past weekend, we have launched our website and released a questionnaire to about 130 potential clients… the feed-back is starting to come through and friends are curious about the idea! It’s a good start!

Tonight is the first session with our group. It is all about orientation, and getting to know each other.

First 60 sec pitch in front of the audience, for each of us to learn the names of our colleagues, their background and their motivation. We have not talked about our idea yet!

Then it’s time to form teams and elect a Working Group President, whose role will be to organise the work of the group, and identify candidates at risk of dropping out. Not a job I would like to have for the time being, although the idea is to put candidates in the shoes of a CEO… lets consider this for the next round.

All in all, the first session went well. Energy levels and spirits are high. Lets bring the next session tomorrow. In the meantime, I realised that I am already overdue on some assignments, so i need to plug the gaps presto, so i dont fall behind. The work load is certainly not going to decrease in the coming days and weeks…

Stay tuned!


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