How to become #smarter?

I am always skeptical when i come across any article with such title “7 daily habits that will make you smarter”… but this one is slightly different and has brought up a new angle which I want to try out and I want to share it as well…

The full article can be found here. It was first published on The article was written by Thomas Oppong, founder and editor of, a resource site for young entrepreneurs starting and growing businesses.

So, it’s about 7 things that you should do daily to stretch your mind. I found that I already practice most of them, but #6 has really hit me as a brand new thing and i am dying to try it… I would love to hear your views and share your experience…

  1. Start getting curious about almost everything – question everything and be susceptible to having to think

  2. Be willing to try new things – get out of your comfort zone once in a while

  3. Expose yourself to different world views – step outside your perception and embrace new knowledge, new culture, new language or how things are done differently by others

  4. Reflect on your learning by writing – try to share that new learning with others so you force yourself to think deeply, to synthesize the knowledge and to organize it

  5. Commit to lifelong learning – find as many sources of ideas and knowledge as possible that can broaden your horizon

  6. A curiosity exercise – the most intringing one…

    • Write down 50 questions: all the questions that come to mind, all the things that you would love to know the answers to…
      They can be anything from “How can I become rich?” to “Does the Universe have an edge and if so what is beyond it?”
    • Look through the questions and notice if any dominant themes emerge.
      Are there any areas of life that you seem most concerned with? Such as money, work, relationships, love, or health?
    • Pick your top 10 questions. The ones that seem the most important to you.
    • You don’t have to answer them right now. It’s enough that you have organised them and know that they are important to you.
    • Use the “Top 10 questions” technique on any area of your life where you are looking for improvements.

7. Embrace the genius in you – be productive, break rules, ask lots of questions, have fun, love life, start, move, make, create, do. Just start something.


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