3 priorities for #product strategy for #assetmanagement firms in 2017 via @DSTkasina

Interesting views from Larry Petrone at DST Kasina about strategic priorities Asset Management firms should follow for their product strategy, in the context of clients shifting from active to passive strategies: promote over-performing funds confidently and adequately explain the fees required to support such products close or merge failing products (or cut fees) as do-nothing will only lead to … Continue reading 3 priorities for #product strategy for #assetmanagement firms in 2017 via @DSTkasina


8 steps to a #VC-investment in a #startup via @surangac

This useful post here from Suranga Chandratillake, General Partner at Balderton Capital, lays out for entrepreneurs the various stages of a VC-investment. No surprise, I find the process followed by business angels networks, like Go-Beyond Investing where I am an active member, not far from it, although our process is probably less rigorous and less scary, especially step 5 … Continue reading 8 steps to a #VC-investment in a #startup via @surangac

Why #big-company experience can help a #startup #founder via @micahjay1

As a 20-year "big company" guy who is taking some interest in entrepreneurship and has been told countless times that it's better to start young and fresh, I found this article from Micah Rosenbloom on the contrary very supportive. Great motivational read! Micah is a seed stage investor at Founder Collective and writes about his reasons to fund … Continue reading Why #big-company experience can help a #startup #founder via @micahjay1

Global #FinTech report from @CBInsights

CBInsights have just released their Global FinTech report covering global financial technology investment trends, top deals, active investors and corporate activity through the end of 2016. A great read to understand where is FinTech going. Key highlights of the report via CBInsights: FinTech investment fell 13% y-o-y: VC-Backed FinTech companies raised USD12.7bn across 836 deals … Continue reading Global #FinTech report from @CBInsights

How to become #smarter?

I am always skeptical when i come across any article with such title "7 daily habits that will make you smarter"... but this one is slightly different and has brought up a new angle which I want to try out and I want to share it as well... The full article can be found here. … Continue reading How to become #smarter?

How to find the best #advisors for your #startup?

Amy Chang former head of Google Analytics and founder of data-driven networking startup Accompany spent years building her network methodically, and has now the best Board of Directors and Advisory Board any startup would dream of. This article published on firstround.com goes through her technics to identify the right persons to ask for help for … Continue reading How to find the best #advisors for your #startup?

Benefits of making #startup #board meetings formal early

Starting formalizing board meetings (and accompanying processes like reports, checking on the big picture, board homework, investor letter, etc..) early is the easiest way for your startup to stay focus. Do it, even if it seems silly at first... Great advice and interesting experience sharing via @theskimm about setting the right practices from the start … Continue reading Benefits of making #startup #board meetings formal early

How #firms can foster a culture of #innovation?

Interesting article by Anna Devine (source: Ignites Europe) on strategies that Asset Management firms (and other financial firms) should follow to foster a better innovation culture (tip: hiring "innovative" people is not enough!). This is particularly critical at a time when the industry needs to decide whether it wants to address clients directly through digital sales channels. Key learning points: Having the … Continue reading How #firms can foster a culture of #innovation?